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Feel like travelling? ErgoConcept will assist you…

To travel in a wheelchair, it is often necessary to obtain certificates requested by airlines or shipping companies. This is why the ErgoConcept team accompanies you before and after the purchase of your wheelchair, to make your travel easier.

Are you planning a trip by plane or boat?

Airlines and shipping companies, for safety reasons, impose very strict regulations. We accompany you and help you to assert your rights. We provide you with “attestations of conformity” to be supplied to transport companies, depending on the model you wish to travel with. In general, there is no problem with the Ergo 07L model. For the Ergo 09L, more powerful, it is often necessary to get our specific “Aircraft” battery, which will allow you to embark by plane or boat.

Download the certificate below if you have an Ergo 07L. Contact us by mail if you need help.