Under the Sun of Marrakech In Ergo 09L!

Close and sunny destination, Morocco is a country that has attracted Martine for many years. With family or friends, she tries to go there as often as possible to discover all cultural riches of the region, despite her mobility problems.

How did you discover ErgoConcept mobility solutions?

I was looking for a folding wheelchair so that I could take on plane easily! I started looking on the Internet and quickly discovered ErgoConcept chairs. I also met the ErgoConcept team at the Autonomic Salon in Paris.

How does the Ergo 09L model meet your expectations?

I like to travel a lot, and I’ve been going to Marrakech for a long time, mostly with my daughter. However, I have difficulty walking and I needed a solution to get around easily. At home, I have a walker and a Minotor armchair, but when I’m travelling, I prefer a totally electric model because it’s more practical! I’ve already rented a manual wheelchair on site but this solution didn’t give me complete satisfaction. The fact that I could fold the chair easily and fly without difficulty convinced me that this was the model I needed.

How was your last trip?

Great, my last visit to Marrakech was in November 2018. I was picked up at Orly airport. When I left Ergo 09L in the hold, I was transferred to the plane in another chair. On arrival, it’s quite funny… Several men carried the chair to lower me down into the airport lobby… I was propelled in a few seconds! Moreover, Menara airport is quite well laid out, so I had no difficulty.

And on the spot?

With my daughter, we were in a guest house that was a little out of the way, but I realized that the local taxis were better and better equipped to welcome people with reduced mobility. I was able to go wherever I wanted. The city is relatively accessible and people are always willing to help. In the modern district of Gueliz, for example, there are now threshold ramps and stair lifts in most places. I went to the Jardin Majorelle and the Jardin Secret, which are magnificent, and even in these places, I noticed that the toilets were adapted, which is reassuring. I also visited the Museum dedicated to the couturier Yves Saint-Laurent, and was pleased to see that it was completely accessible. And of course, I was also able to walk around the souks of the city in a wheelchair!

A good memory in Morocco?

In the morning, when I have breakfast in this warm setting with a temperature of 25° in winter… just happiness.

What would you like to improve on your armchair ?

I have just ordered a new footrest for my Ergo 09L because the one I had wasn’t really adapted. Also, when I use it to go to the mall or to the café-theatre on my way home, I sometimes have some difficulties with some sidewalks. I hope that in the city, all the facilities will soon be up to standard because it makes life easier for many people in my situation.