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Procedures: ErgoConcept resellers help you…

We are aware that beyond the mobility issues, the administrative procedures to obtain a wheelchair are cumbersome. Similarly, in order to travel, it is sometimes necessary to obtain certificates requested by the airlines. This is why the ErgoConcept team and its network of resellers will accompany you through all the important steps, before and after the acquisition of your wheelchair, to make your life easier.

How do I get my ErgoConcept wheelchair ?

According to your location, there are several steps to follow (Medical prescription, Tests in your environment, Validation with a multidisciplinary team, Order, Delivery, Parameterization…).

Our resellers are professionals, we have selected them for their expertise and quality of service. Let them guide you from A to Z, they are there to help you and take care of all these steps. The ErgoConcept head office is always available to answer your questions and support the resellers if necessary.

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